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  1. Senri Minamisawa. Voiced by: Sarah Emi Bridcutt (JP), Alex Moore (Nono, EN), Jad Saxton (Senri, EN) Click to see Senri Minamisawa. A third-year student at Hekiho Academy, the president of the student council, vice president of the newspaper club, and Takuru's foster sister at Aoba Dorm
  2. Main Characters. jp. Sayaka NAKAYA. en. Didi DURON. jp. Sarah Emi BRIDCUTT. en. Alex MOORE
  3. Chaos;Child is the fourth mainline entry in the Science Adventure franchise of visual novels
  4. Science Adventure (Series) 87 characters assigned. Chaos;Child. 15 characters assigned. Chaos;Child. 15 characters assigned. Chaos;Head. 18 characters assigned. Chaos;Head Love Chu☆Chu
  5. Chaos;Child (2014) is a Japanese visual novel developed by 5pb. and a thematic sequel to Chaos;Head. In 2009 on Shibuya, a series of gruesome murders dubbed the New Generation Madness was followed by a sudden earthquake that destroyed the entire city in a single night. Many young children would suffered symptoms similar to those with PTSD which was later named as Chaos Child Syndrome
  6. Chaos;Child (stylized as ChäoS;Child) is a visual novel video game developed by 5pb. It is the fourth main entry in the Science Adventure series, and a thematic sequel to Chaos;Head (2008). It was released in Japan in 2014 for Xbox One, and later for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Microsoft Windows, iOS, and Android.An English translation was released for the PlayStation 4.

Die Visual Novel teilt sich in mehrere Erzählstränge. Der Spieler ist zunächst gezwungen, die Geschichte von Takuru zu durchleben, die sich auf seine Beziehung zu Serika und Nono konzentriert. Nach Abschluss dieses Hauptstrangs werden die Geschichten anderer Charaktere zugänglich: die von Nono, Hana, Hinae und Uki Each character routes have their own endings, delusions in the common route must be properly triggered to get to their routes. Different character endings can be achieved based on the triggers. [Successful divergence to a character's route or a character's endings will happen from a scene in a specific chapter in the common route. It will take a long time to skip the common route so do remember to save and be careful.] The recommended character route order from 1 to 4 is Ricco Fajardo (Anime) Takuru Miyashiro (宮代 拓留 Miyashiro Takuru ), often nicknamed Taku by Serika Onoe, the main protagonist of Chaos;Child. He is the president of theHekiho Academy Newspaper Club who investigates the Return of the New Generation Madness along with Shinji Itou and Serika throughout the story X. Y. Z. Other. A. Category:Antagonists. Ayase Kishimoto. D. Daisuke Misumi

Serika Onoe (尾上 世莉架 Onoe Serika) is the second main character of Chaos;Child. She is a 2nd year student at Hekiho Academy, a member of the Newspaper Club and the childhood friend of Takuru Miyashiro who who collaborates with him at solving the Return of the New Generation Madness. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 2.1 True Personality 3 Background and Plot 4 Etymology 5 Trivia 6 Gallery. Shikura mentioned that he had particularly wanted to see the Sumo Sticker giant and the appearance of Chaos;Head protagonist Takumi from Hana's route adapted as part of the Chaos;Child anime. [10] The series was announced in March 2015, [11] and premiered on AT-X on January 11, 2017 as a one-hour special; [12] the series also airs on Tokyo MX , Sun TV , Chiba TV , TVK , TVS , KBS and BS11 . [13 Of the 108536 characters on Anime Characters Database, 15 are from the visual novel Chaos;Child Chaos;Child takes place within the same universe as the rest of the entries in the Science Adventure Series, and takes place five years after the events of Steins;Gate on the Steins Gate worldline. Mio Kunosato, a supporting character in Chaos;Child, is a scientist at Viktor Chondria University and a colleague of Kurisu Makise. In an early scene in the game, she is seen conversing with Kurisu over the phone, and she refers to her as Chris. In the game's prequel manga

Chaos;Child: Aliases: カオスチャイルド, C;C, ChäoS;Child, カオチャ: Length: Long (30 - 50 hours) Developer: MAGES. GAME: Publishers: MAGES. GAME & DMM & Hobibox & Spike Chunsoft Digital Touch MAGES. & Red Flagship & Kexue She PQube Ltd. & Spike Chunsoft & Committee of Zero Chaos Gate Team: Relations: Sequel Chaos;Child Love Chu☆Chu!! Same setting Chaos;Head Noa Shibuya, 2015. In a city recovering from the Shibuya Earthquake which devastated it six years ago, Takuru Miyashiro, a student at the newly built private high school Hekiho Academy investigates a series of serial killings known as The Return of the New Generation Madness as part of his work for the school's newspaper club..

Chaos;Child is the fourth game in the Science Adventure Series, and the sequel to Chaos;Head. It was initially released in 2014 for Japanese audiences. Despite its status as a sequel, almost none of the characters in Chaos;Head return in Chaos;Child, though many familiar elements of the first reappear. The story takes place in 2015, six years after. Page 1 of 5 - Chaos Child - Trophyguide and Roadmap - posted in Chaos Child: Overview Stacking Systems: Ps3 / PsVita / Ps4 / Ps4 Korean / PsVita KoreanGame Type: Japanese Visual NovelEstimated trophy difficulty: 1/10Offline: 19x 9x 5x 1x = 34 | Totalscore: 1185Online: noneApproximate time: 4-5 hrs (Ps3: 7+hrs)Minimum number of playthroughs: 3Missable trophies: None if you follow the. Characters Our toplist for anime characters, where they are listed according to their ranks; Manga. Index A freely organisable overview on all manga listed on aniSearch; Popular The most-rated manga on aniSearch during the current season; Toplist The leaderboard where all manga are listed according to their over-all rank; Trending A list of the currently most-visited anime detail pages on. Moved Permanently. The document has moved here

Check our Chaos Child walkthrough, ending, and trophy guide if you're stuck trying to find all the endings or can't get the Platinum in Chaos;Child Zu Chaos;Child wurde ein neuer Trailer veröffentlicht, der euch die Spielcharaktere näher bringt PQube has released a new trailer for Chaos;Child introducing the characters of the upcoming visual novel. The trailer introduces the awkward protagonist Takuru Miyashiro, loyal best friend Shinji. Of the 107827 characters on Anime Characters Database, 15 are from the visual novel Chaos;Child

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  1. The Blog Proper Narrative and Characters. As previously mentioned, 'Chaos;Child' is a visual novel developed by 5pb. It is the fourth main entry in the Science Adventure series (the series in.
  2. PQube just released Chaos;Child character trailer, introducing the main characters of the game alongside a sneak peek of the game
  3. Meet the cast of the visual novel game.Watch more trailers here!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvB2wiDUDdA&list=PLaQokWZfgbynLRhV7HigqcfVAzsNB-t6b&index=1--..
  4. Takumi Nishijou. Takumi Nishijou (西條 拓巳, Nishijou Takumi) is the main protagonist of ChäoS;HEAd. He is a borderline hikikomori who spends most of his time shut up at home, which happens to be a cargo container. He is also a second-year Suimei Academy student and has many delusions, his most common positive delusion being one of Seira Orgel, his.

Chaos;Child is a visual novel by 5pb. and the fourth installment in the Science Adventure Series. The game was first released for the Xbox One in 2014 and later released for the Vita, PS3, PS4 and PC. The story is set in Tokyo's Shibuya district in 2015, 6 years after the events of Chaos;Head. It has been 6 years since the great Shibuya earthquake. Since then, the citizens undertook a project to rebuild Shibuya, and the once-ruined district is now back to the way it was. Still, the. A man eats his own hand. A woman rips open her own stomach and stuffs a speaker inside. Takuru Miyashiro, a student at Hekiho Academy, is investigating these murders as part of the school's newspaper club This is visual novel in which players assume the role of a high-school student investigating a series of mysterious deaths in Tokyo. Some scenes depict still images of characters engaged in violent acts: characters threatening people with knives, strangling other characters, and involved in torture. Crime scenes are graphically depicted with extensive blood-splatter and large amounts of text detail. Corpses are frequently depicted with bloodstains and sometimes mangled fingers, dangling. Chaos;Child's story is a thrilling adventure, full of unexpected plot twists and an unsettling atmosphere that fans of horror and mystery visual novels alike will appreciate. The story starts out slow to introduce the characters, their motivations, and the plot. This is the the standard for most games in the SciADV Series, but the build-up is worth experiencing for the wild ride that it evolves into as the story progresses

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DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE! http://bit.ly/2dwYd62 --- SUPPORT MY CHANNEL! BUY ME A COFFEE: https://ko-fi.com/redbardiscool --- Buy Chaos;Child on Steam here:.. Chaos;Child - Singularity - YouTube. Chaos;Child - Singularity. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device Chaos;Head Windows cover art, featuring Rimi Sakihata Developer5pb., Nitroplus PublisherNitroplus DirectorTatsuya Matsubara ProducerChiyomaru Shikura Digitarou Artist Mutsumi Sasaki Yukihiro Matsuo WriterChiyomaru Shikura Naotaka Hayashi Keichi Ogami ComposerTakeshi Abo Chiyomaru Shikura 5zizz Toshimichi Isoe Syntarou Jimbo You Ooyama SeriesScience Adventure PlatformMicrosoft Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita, iOS, Android Release April 25.

Of the 107591 characters on Anime Characters Database, 15 are from the visual novel Chaos;Child Chaos child. 816 likes. Fictional Character. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page

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CHAOS;CHILD Character Trailer - Introducing the Gigalomaniacs. To know more about Chaos;Child, read here at Hardcore Gamers Unifie She is the Second main character of Chaos;Child. [8] The main cast members from the Chaos;Child game reprised their roles for the anime, and were joined by new actors for other characters. Chaos;Child contains a few bad endings, though none are required to achieve the true ending. Tip: when skipping through the game, try doing in widowed instead of full-screen and setting to the lowest. WARNING: This wiki contains SPOILERS. Read with caution. As this FANDOM wiki is a work in progress, there is a chance for you to improve it. You may edit pages here to improve the information about ChäoS;HEAd as well as add new pages if we forgot to include any pages about this franchise. Your.. Chaos;Child is a deviously clever visual novel from start to finish. It plays the reader like a fiddle by presenting all the ingredients for a mystery novel, but without some of the necessary tools to solve it. A megalomaniac mystery fan will look for a logical solution finding none as the important pieces are hidden away from the protagonist, and by extension, the reader. It might seem insane and risky, but it works extremely well and creates a memorable read that, while perhaps annoying. CHAOS;CHILD is part of the Science Adventure Series, the visual novel series that also spawned the critically acclaimed STEINS;GATE. Taking place in Shibuya, Tokyo, several years after an earthquake has nearly destroyed the district, it follows Takuru Miyashiro, a high school student who lost his parents in the earthquake, and his group of friends

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Of the 107370 characters on Anime Characters Database, 15 are from the anime Chaos;Child. Of the 107370 characters on Anime Characters Database, 15 are from the anime Chaos;Child. ☰ MENU : ACDB: Ads. Anime au Hasard ♂ | ♀ Quick Add. 2020: 2021: 2022: Year Season Status Info; 2017, 0, 0, 0. Chaos;Child Love Chu Chu!! is a visual novel in which the story is affected by player choices: the player regularly uses the Yes/No Trigger system, in which they fill in yes/no questionnaires in the in-game magazine Cool Cat Press, and the returning Delusion Trigger system, in which the player chooses whether the player character should experience a positive or negative delusion The main gimmick of Chaos;Child, and its predecessor Chaos;Head, is the main character's delusions. During conversations, you can decide to imagine a more pleasant outcome, or a more negative.

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04.10.2017 Chaos;Child Character Trailer Zu Chaos;Child wurde ein neuer Trailer veröffentlicht, der euch die Spielcharaktere näher bringt. 01:40. 19.09.2017 Chaos; Child New Generation Madness. chaos;child(カオスチャイルド)の、物語に登場する主要人物を紹介しています。キャラクターの設定や人物像を記載しています。カオチャの登場人物を参考にゲームを攻略をしてください。 目次. メインキャラクター; サブキャラクター . メインキャラクター 宮代拓留(みやしろたくる) 声優: 松岡禎.

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Chaos - Child Characters - Chaos Child This Chaos - Child Characters - Chaos Child is high quality PNG picture material, which can be used for your creative projects or simply as a decoration for your design & website content Chaos Perfectionist (100 points): Completed Chaos;Child. Good, but Disappointing (10 points): Saw the bad ending. Negative Human Look (30 points): Saw all negative delusion triggers. Please Note (30 points): Complete a map trigger without making a mistake. Positive Human Look (30 points): Saw all positive delusion triggers 2017年1月11日(水)より、tokyo mxほかにて放送開始予定のTVアニメ「chaos;child」の公式サイトです Chaos;Child is over 1.1 million characters, and something like 30-40% longer than Steins;Gate 0. It's a very long game, and a gigantic project. (By the way, if you just set the game to autoplay it will take something like 50 hours to complete.) I spent most of 2016, once SG;0 was done, working on it, finally finishing it very late in the year. Mages was very helpful in the process, and.

Looking for information on the anime ChäoS;Child: Silent Sky? Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. Silent Sky is a combination of the additional episodes 13 and 14. It consists of the story in the future, three months after the incident that was similar to New Generation Madness and the disease Chaos Child Syndrome that. PQube have released a new trailer for their upcoming visual novel Chaos;Child. This new trailer introduces the characters of the game. These characters include Takuru Miyashiro, Shinji Itou, Serika Onoe, Nono Kurusu, Hinae Arimura, HanaKazuki, Uki Yamazoe, and Mio Kunosato. Chaos;Child releases in North America on October 24 for PS Vita and Playstation 4 PQube just released a new trailer for Chaos;Child. Chaos;Child is set to release in little over a week on PS4 and Vita and is a visual novel from Mages and 5pb. Watch the trailer below: Check out the collector's edition for it here. Chaos;Child releases on October 13 for PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita. Source: [ This content requires the base game CHAOS;CHILD on Steam in order to play. About This Content 10-track soundtrack available as an early-purchase bonus through January 29, 11:00AM PST. Complete Track Listing: 01. WORLD -C;C MAIN THEME-02. THE THIRD MELT 03. COUNT DOWN 04. REVIVED SHIBUYA 05. CAPACITY 06. THEN 07. AH TOKYO GENERAL HOSPITAL 08. MORE GRIEF 09. VISIBLE ESSENCE 10. BREAK FORTH.

Many of the characters in Chaos;Child have a lesser form of the ability—namely, each has only a single superpower. One of the main cast can tell a lie from the truth with perfect accuracy. Top loved characters; Top hated characters ; Browse all characters; Community. Forum; Anime reviews; Manga reviews ; Custom lists; Challenges; Site news; Discord chat; Mark All as Read; 1 sign up log in. Chaos;Child - Videos. overview; recommendations; videos; characters; staff; reviews; custom lists; Go to anime. Watch Chaos;Child Online. Stream subbed and dubbed episodes of Chaos;Child. The original game release has several technical issues, such as broken lip sync and crashes when pausing right before voiced lines. See CHAOS;CHILD Patch.. General informatio Chaos;Child follows the same path, but has a bit more of horror and fan service. After a strong opening where you experience death when you least expect it, you learn about the characters and how.

Was bisher geschah Stöbere über das Blog-Archiv durch unsere Artikel, Reviews, Previews, News und Podcasts sowie Gametrailer & Videos der letzten Wochen, Monate und Jahre. Hier ganz aktuell das Archiv vom März 2021, Februar 2021 und Januar 2021.. Entdecke mehr Spiele und blättere in unserem Release-Kalender für Januar 2019 durch die Releaseliste mit weiteren Games, die neben Chaos. PQube Games und die Macher von Steins;Gate veröffentlichten einen neuen Character-Trailer zum kommenden Visual-Novel Chaos;Child, welches auch bald in Europa erscheinen wird. Der neue Character-Trailer stellt euch die Hauptprotagonisten des kommenden Visual- Novels vor. Des Weiteren bietet der Trailer auch einige Gameplay-Szenen in dem der Hauptprotagonist Takuru Miyashiro vorgestellt wird We can't expect 'Chaos Child' to end in the way that we are accustomed to novels, especially 40k novels, ending. The important thing is that the main character's story arc is resolved - after a fashion. And it is a story with timeless, cosmic relevance which is not confined to the universe of Warhammer 40,000

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Riesenauswahl an Markenqualität. Chaos Kids gibt es bei eBay PQube describes the plot to Chaos;Child: A series of bizarre deaths strike fear in the hearts of citizens in Shibuya, Tokyo. A streamer dies on-screen, a street musician dies horribly on the street. No one knows how or why PQube has released a Chaos;Child character trailer, introducing protagonist Miyashiro Takuru and seven other key characters! You'll be seeing a lot of these characters across Chaos;Child's multiple routes, so it's best to get a head start on who they are! Check out the trailer below Characters 93032 > Traits 2845. v14018; relations; releases; discussions (23) history; Report an issue on this page. Chaos;Child. Safe / Tame (11) Title: Chaos;Child: Aliases : カオスチャイルド, C;C, ChäoS;Child, カオチャ: Length: Long (30 - 50 hours) Developer: MAGES. GAME: Publishers: MAGES. GAME & DMM & Hobibox & Spike Chunsoft Digital Touch MAGES. & Red Flagship & Kexue She.

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Learn about the cast of Chaos Child characters that'll star in the upcoming PlayStation 4 and Vita visual novel by watching a brand new trailer. Logo - Original New Character Artworks für Chaos;Child. 14. Januar 2014 von looper Hinterlasse einen Kommentar. 5bp. und MAGES waren so freundlich und haben letztens die Charaktere von Chaos;Child enthüllt. Chaos;Child ist die Fortsetzung von Chaos;Head und damit der vierte Teil der Science-Reihe von 5bp. . Miyashiro Takuru ist der Hauptprotagonist des Spiels. Er besucht das dritte Jahr der Oberstufe und leitet.

Steins;Gate: Kyoukaimenjou no Missing Link - Divide ByWatch CHAOS;CHILD Season 1 Episode 0 Sub & Dub | AnimeAoi Sena - My Anime Shelf

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Chaos;Child Love Chu Chu!! is a visual novel video game developed and published by 5pb. for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on March 30, 2017 in Japan. It is a fan disc for the 2014 game Chaos;Child, and part of the larger Science Adventure series. The story, which is affected by player choices, is set in Shibuya, Tokyo after the events of Chaos;Child, and follows Takuru Miyashiro, who ignores the Return of the New Generation Madness events, instead choosing to spend time with women. C Like most characters in Chaos;Child, Serika is typically seen wearing the standard uniform for all girls who attend Hekiho Academy: a dark blue-black outfit with white accents and a pink bow that rests on her chest. Her casual wear consists of a white button-down dress shirt with grey plaid cuffs and a black tie. Personality . Serika is shown to be a bubbly, and fairly air-headed, individual. There were a number of terms in CHAOS;CHILD, such as names of people, objects, and products, which were translated differently in previous localizations and official media. This patch optionally replaces all inconsistent terminology with the translations used in previous titles (primarily STEINS;GATE's localization), as well as swapping the name order to Japanese (e.g. Takumi Nishijo → Nishijou Takumi)

美しい Chaos Child Characters Chaos Child 2017 Video Game Behind The Voice Actor If you've been playing the Chaos;Child localization for any amount of time, there's a good chance that you've noticed it has a fair deal of problems. From minor typos to whole untranslated puzzle sections, there are a number of issues in need of fixing. We're the Committee of Zero, and today we have for you a patch that fixes those issues and much more Rank #5,889. Serika Onoe wakes up, not knowing who she is or why. She tries her best to lead an ordinary existance far from Shibuya, but strange dreams refuse to leave her... Source: Crunchyroll

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